Ooltewah homeowners are on high alert today after a police chase ended in their neighborhood overnight.

Doorbell camera video shows the incident happened just before two this morning on Ooltewah Georgetown Road.

Early Tuesday morning Daniel Pleshka was just getting home from work when he saw the chase happen about 100 feet away from his home.

“It's exciting, and fun to see something out of a TV show or movie scene happened right in front of your house,” said Daniel Pleshka.

Pleshka says there was a large law enforcement presence.

“I saw a red Mustang come around the corner; hit the road; made really big spins; then smashed into my neighbors’ tree,” said Pleshka.

A homeowner sent this surveillance video into the Channel 3 newsroom.

In the video, you can see someone running on foot between two houses, followed by what appears to be a police officer with a flashlight in pursuit.

Rene lives next door to Pleshka and wants to know if the man was arrested.

“You don't know if someones armed, and dangerous or can hold anyone up,” said Rene. “So everyone needs to be aware, and on the lookout.”

Pleshka says the neighborhood doesn't see much crime but says it's best to know your surroundings.

“They just have to remember that we are right here by the interstate. There's a lot of stuff happening in Chattanooga, and you need to watch your house and stuff,” said Pleshka. “You need to know what's going on.”

Some homeowners are worried about their safety, and they say they've already taken some precautions.

“A lot of cameras around our house that pretty much protect our family too,” said Rene.

Channel 3 is still working to learn more information about what caused the chase, and what's next for the suspect.