UPDATE: Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond is calling on parents to monitor what their kids post on social media.

This comes after an increase in reported threats in recent weeks.

Juvenile and adult court leaders, school system officials as well as law enforcement are all on board with Sheriff Hammond’s message.

Their main message: threats on social media have to stop.

Officials say they have seen about a handful of reported threats in the last few weeks.

They wouldn't talk about the specifics of the threats, but said some are directed at widespread groups and others are directed at individuals in a bullying sort of way.

Sheriff Hammond says with winter break coming up, it's important to know what kids post on social media.

"Parents need to monitor how social media is used,” Sheriff Hammond urged. “It is a useful tool; it's a great tool for parents. But parents cannot relegate the use of social media simply to the youth of their family."

The Hamilton County District Attorney says cases can be transferred from juvenile court to adult court and they will prosecute to the fullest extent if they have to.

Officials say an organization called First Things First offers classes for parents to learn how to monitor social media.

ORIGINAL STORY: A Tuesday morning news conference will outline the social media threats made in the last two weeks and the charges that have been filed, according to Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Matt Lea.

Sheriff Jim Hammond, Juvenile Judge Robert Philyaw, Juvenile Court Clerk Gary Behler, and Hamilton County District Attorney Neil Pinkston will be there to discuss recent threats made by various social media platforms.

Hamilton County Department of Education Chief Operations Officer Kenneth Bradshaw and Campus Support Specialist Bradley Jackson will also be at the news conference.