A Goodlettsville man was banned from Opry Mills Mall for one year after he says he got into an argument with a kiosk employee.

Andres Higuera says his family was shopping at Opry Mills Sunday when he and his older brother stopped near a kiosk to wait for the rest of the family to catch up. He says that's when the kiosk employee confronted them.

“He was telling us that we were blocking him from talking to other people," said Higuera. “He just stands in between us and he just starts mumbling a bunch of like racist remarks.”

Higuera grabbed his cell phone and started recording the interaction.

“He turns around and just spits on my face," said Higuera. “It hit me right here around my mouth, my eye. It just went everywhere.”

Higuera is heard in the video shouting and cursing at the employee. Higuera says if he could go back he would have remained calm and continued recording.

Opry Mills Mall banned him for one year. Higuera filed a police report against the employee.

“I don’t really think that’s fair that I got banned for being harassed," said Higuera. “Someone with that attitude shouldn’t be working in a customer service job."

Opry Mills would not comment on whether the employee has also been banned.

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