Public Works crews in North Georgia are preparing for the temperature drop Monday night into Tuesday morning. 

Our Meteorologists anticipate ice forming in some areas.

Whitfield County and the city of Dalton have some crews on stand by.

DeWayne Hunt with Whitfield County Public Works says crews are prepared for any bad weather coming their way.

The trucks ready to go with snow plows and a warehouse filled with road salt.

Hunt says some could be working shifts as long as 72 hours.

"We've got one shift. Inclement weather, night time crews, or just plowing through. You can't push guys that have been working 72 straight hours,” Hunt said.

Crews won't start putting salt on roadways until the temperatures of the road are below freezing.

Hunt says it could dwindle their supply if used excessively.

"If we just jump around and react to all the 911 calls, because obviously if there is ice on one road there is ice on every road,” Hunt said.

Assistant public works director of Dalton Andrew Parker tells Channel 3, Dalton Public Works uses salt brine to combat the weather. It's a method he says has made their jobs a lot easier.

"Salt brine can be used to pre-treat the roads, and it's very very effective when you use it in that manner,” Parker said.

Both departments say crews will be out making sure the roads are safe.

"Keep the big roads open, run emergency services, and then at the end of the event we can clean it up,” Hunt said.

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