Several school systems operated on a delay or closed schedule Monday because of a winter storm that brought flurries and a wintry mix parts of the Tennessee Valley.

While some looked outside and saw snow, many others did not, and many wondered why school was delayed.

On Signal Mountain people woke up to a winter wonderland, it wasn't a lot but it was enough for officials to delay school. Mindy Quinn waited outside of Signal Mountain Middle High School to drop off her two sons a little later than they're used to.

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"Some people get it, it must be Signal or Lookout and some people think why is this happening?" Quinn said.

For the majority of the county, this was the question many pondered because most of Hamilton County did not see any snow at all.

Hamilton County Schools said the threat of slippery road conditions in higher elevations was the main reason.

"Below freezing temperatures are expected in areas of Hamilton County which could cause travel problems in the morning," a news release stated.

Tim Hensley said the county is diverse and vast, one area might seem fine while other could be more troublesome.

"We might be able to get 90 percent of the kids to school safely with no problem but if there's a chance that just one bus could have a problem then we could have an accident that involves a child then we're not going to take that chance," Hensley said.

Transportation officials travel to known trouble spots along bus routes and district officials consult with the National Weather Service to make a decision that's safe for every family across the county.

The Quinn family thinks the school district made the right call to delay school.

"When I first moved here I really didn't understand all the closings and delays, but last night I was actually kind of happy because of ice, you can't do anything with ice, it's just not worth risking anybody's safety," Quinn said.

Quinn admits, operating on a delay can be an inconvenience for some families, but it's just not worth the risk.

"Certainly our district has been through a lot, we've had some serious issues with transportation so erring on the side of caution is always the best way to go," she said.

The good news is eight snow days are built into the school year calendar and no make-up days are required.

Quinn's son was okay with the decision too, like many other students, he was happy to have the extra time off.

"I was like yes! Why? Because I got to play video games!" he said.

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