Redemption to the Nations Church hosted their 7th annual Christmas Share.

The church gives out toys and gifts to lower-income families in the Tennessee Valley. 

Rhett Hedden wanted to do something different this holiday season.

Along with buying toys for his family, he wanted to show his kids a new kind of gift. The gift of giving.

"Just really wanted them to understand what it means to give and be givers. And to just love on people seriously. That's what it's all about,” Hedden said.

His family volunteered to help families shop and pick out presents.

Executive Pastor Gary Keylon said volunteers like Rhett’s family help spread the Christmas cheer.

"We hope this spreads and multiplies. That's the whole reason we are doing it is to encourage others to step out and love the community,” Keylon said.

The event helps more than 1,600 families in our area.

The line out the door showed Rhett and his family how fortunate they really are.

"To help those who almost may not have the same things that we do. The same comforts, you know same lifestyle that we are able to enjoy,” Hedden said.

His son Jacob said after helping these families today, he knows what Christmas is really all about.

"It's about giving and sharing and spending time with your family. And also celebrating Jesus' birthday,” Jacob said.

He said everyone should share that gift.