Someone is going door-to-door posing as a Tennessee American Water representative. The company said they've received complaints about the imposter asking to take water samples.

The company wants customers to know that when coming to a private resident or business to perform work, their employees will present a photo ID badge and drive work vehicles that prominently display the company's name.

Recently, some customers reported that representatives of a different company have come to their home and asked to take a water sample.

"Tennessee American Water only takes water samples at a private residence under specific circumstances, and in most cases, the customer is aware ahead of time that we will be sampling," said Tennessee American Water quality supervisor Kitty Vaughn.

"For example, we have pre-determined sampling sites that businesses and residents have agreed to participate in our regular testing. Sometimes we may sample after a main break but we would identify ourselves with company ID and when possible, most sampling is done at a faucet on the outside of the home."

Customers with any doubts of the legitimacy of a worker at their property and who states they represent Tennessee American Water to take a water sample should contact Tennessee American Water at 1-866-736-6420.

If a customer is concerned about any illegal activity such as a monetary scam, contact local law enforcement as well.

When speaking with representatives of water testing companies, customers should consider the following:

  • Ask to see company identification.
  • If you have questions about results from a water testing company, feel free to contact Tennessee American Water.
  • Testing should be done through a nationally certified lab.
  • If customers choose to have a water treatment system installed in their home, they must maintain it in order for it to be effective. Inadequate cleaning and/or failure to replace the filtering parts of the treatment system may create serious health hazards because bacteria and other contaminants become concentrated in the filtering system.