Channel 3's 34th annual Share Your Christmas™ food drive started before many of us even got out of bed.

Volunteers were working overnight, and donors showed up as early as 4:30.

Friday morning, Silverdale Baptist Academy seniors woke up earlier than normal to give back to the Chattanooga area.

Emma Blainey says she's been looking forward to this tradition all year.

“Just to see everyone bonding outside of school, and come together to work on something that demonstrates the love of Christ,” said Emma Blainey.

This group of about 60 seniors worked together in the chilly, damp conditions to organization donations they helped to provide.

Blainey says she's volunteering as a way to keep her schools legacy going.

“To be able to show that we're dedicated enough to come in on her day off,” said Blainey. “It's a really good demonstration of our walks within our faith.”

In the Chattanooga area, 1 in 8 adults and 1 in 5 kids don't know where their next meal will come from.

Gina Crumbliss, the President, and CEO of the Chattanooga Area Food Bank say these donations will help those who fight food insecurities.

“The face of hunger is not who you think it is. The majority of the folks we serve have graduated high school and some college education,” said Gina Crumbliss. “At least one member of their household has had a paycheck in the last year.”

This year's goal is to collect donations to provide more than 600,000 meals.

Crumbliss says she knows these meals will be put to good use.

“Teachers, social workers, and those who are in service tell us that when kids are hungry, they can't pay attention. They can't absorb, they cannot retain information, and that's important,” said Crumbliss.

Glenn Beavers donates every year and agrees, and he challenges everyone to bring something to help others.

“Knowing that they can afford medicine this month because they helped with groceries,” said Glenn Beavers.