From the groundbreaking in June 2017 to a 90,000 square foot facility with world-class pediatric treatment and cancer care.

Dan Luhrs, AIA Principal and Senior VP at HKS says "you walk in here, there are not individual clinics. So the point is to get through to make it much easier on the parents and the caregivers who bring these kids here."

The vision for the new Children's Hospital Kennedy Outpatient Center all started with inspiration from the patients, the children and the families they serve.

Dan Luhrs, AIA Principal and Senior VP at HKS says "we have kids that are from three years of age to 18 years of age putting their ideas together of what really jazzes them up, what inspires them, and how do you balance that."

Walk inside the main entrance, and you will see how they tried to do just that.

From a train to a secret garden, designers wanted a unique and inviting experience for those who come through the doors.

The world-class pediatric care at the new outpatient center includes this state of the art EOS imaging center.

Dr. Justin Calvert, Chief of Radiology says "it's very creative, very innovative. When you think about children's hospitals, you think about imagination, you think about inspiration and, of course, innovation."

Dr. Calvert says what used to take 15-20 minutes with conventional x-rays, can now be done in a fraction of the time.

Dr. Justin Calvert says "It basically takes x-rays of the child's entire skeleton including their entire spine, their hips, their legs, and it acquires the image in 20 seconds."

This is a lot easier on the patient, reducing radiation by a third.

Dr. Justin Calvert says, "it's very colorful, you can see what their height is, and they come in, and it's like telling the child to stand in a ruler, and you tell them they are about to get a spray tan."

From the x-rays to treatment, patients will find a warm and inviting environment with things to hopefully make the visit a bit more pleasant and take their mind off of why they are there.

Will Gaither, Senior Project Manager for McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. says, "if there is a little ways to distract them and try to inspire some fun in that experience, it can make a huge difference."

Gaither actually took a very personal interest in this project, because he knows first hand what it's like to be a young cancer patient. We will hear more about his story next week.

As for the new outpatient center, the community grand opening is this Sunday from noon until 3:00 pm, and they start seeing patients December 17th.