As cold weather sets in on the Tennessee Valley, homeowners have a few things they should do to protect their lawns.

Ruban Viva with Images Landscaping said one night of cold temperatures won’t hurt plants. He said, however, if there are multiple nights, then you should be concerned.

When it gets cold, Viva suggests bringing potted plants inside. He said you can also put them in the garage.

Viva gave simple tips for you to protect large plants and trees as well.

“You need to place mulch down around your plant roots to prevent them from freezing,” Viva explained. “It does not have to be store-bought mulch. You can just use three to five inches of leaves.”

Some homeowners choose to have more decorations, like water fountains, in their yards.

Viva said if these aren't taken care of properly, they can get damaged.

“Remove the pump and store it in your garage for the winter,” Viva said. “If you have concrete fountains, try to keep the water either below 50 percent or empty because when water freezes, it will crack the concrete.”

Viva said this time of year be careful how you cut your grass. He said if it's done wrong, it can look bad the next spring.

“Do not cut any grass if there's frost because you will break the stems of the line. If it needs to be cut, wait till it's a warm day,” Viva added.

Viva also said he's had a number of clients already ask for their salt truck to be on standby this weekend.

He said to be careful not to slip and fall.

“The wood has moisture in it. So your deck will have a thin layer of ice that you probably won't even see,” Viva explained.

Viva said if you do need someone to put a salt mixture down for you, do your research before hiring someone.