The annual Share Your Christmas™ food drive gets underway Friday.

The goal of the drive is to raise money and donations for the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, an organization that is near and dear to the hearts of employees with COS Business Products & Interiors, Inc.

"There's 150,000 people that are in hunger. 41 percent of those are children which is roughly 61,700 children at the end of the day. It's unacceptable,” COS’S Chief Operating Officer Jamey Dye said.

For Dye, it was the numbers. One look at the statistics showing the number of people going hungry in our area, and he was ready to get involved.

"It's unacceptable in our community. It doesn't matter if you're Democrat or Republican, whoever you are, it's one thing we can agree on, that children being hungry is not OK,” Dye said.

The company involved their clients in the donation drive as well.

COS stocks everything needed for day-to-day operations of your business, so they have customers all across the Tennessee Valley and North Georgia.

“Our companies are different. They are our partners. They are our friends. So, when you come in and you explained 'why' and 'who' and 'how,' that if it's in North Georgia we're delivering and North Georgia is getting credit. If it's north of the city in Chattanooga or if it's in Chattanooga, that foods going back to North Georgia, it's going back to Sequatchie County, it's going back to Bradley County, it's going back to Hamilton County. So, when we address it for the customers it's really simple,” Dye added.

At JHM, collection boxes stand proudly in the lobby.

"Our employees will see them every day as they walk through our lobby. We'll be collecting through our employees, but also through our clients coming in, will be the first thing to see when they come in. So, I'll be hitting up our clients, as well,” JHM’s managing partner Dean Krech said.

Philanthropy is a big part of their mission too. It is a giving spirit that is especially on display at this time of year, an energy you might catch if you join us for Share Your Christmas™.

 "Just see what corporate America is trying to do to help. See the volunteer efforts, the people that are there that truly cares. It's always off, it's always to the side. Right? I mean, we don't really think about this part. We're so involved and so busy in our personal lives, we don't just, just take a minute. You'll appreciate Christmas a lot more. I guarantee you that,” Dye said.

You can donate food during our Share Your Christmas™ food drive coming up on Friday, December 7th.

Channel 3 will be collecting donations at First Tennessee Pavilion in Chattanooga, First Baptist Church in Dalton, and Life Care Centers Campbell Campus in Cleveland from 4:30 am until 6:00 pm.