A volunteer fire department in Dade County is asking for help after one of their own lost her home to fire.

We're told that April Keith is with her family, but Davis Volunteer Fire Chief Mark Gibson says that seeing one of his own affected by fire was something he wasn't prepared to handle.

"It's difficult. It's heartbreaking," Chief Gibson said.

Chief Gibson says it's difficult to know that one of his own is without a home just weeks before Christmas.

Early Monday morning, April Keith's home on Mason Road caught fire and burned to the ground. She was working as a dispatcher at the time.

"Especially difficult when you answer the phone and hear your address on the other end of the line and the fact you really can't do anything other than dispatch the responding units,” said Chief Gibson.

Keith felt uncomfortable doing an interview.

Chief Gibson says she has spent decades as a 9-1-1 operator for Dade County and served as a member of the county's volunteer fire department.

"It's devastating because you want to help, but you don't know how to help,” Gibson said. “Even though we do it on a daily basis, it's difficult to know how to reach out in the right direction to help that person."

The department is asking for donations from the community, which can be made by clicking here.

Despite losing everything, Keith is still serving her community.

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