Chattanooga police say skimmers were found on two ATMs on Tuesday.

Police say the devices were found inside and outside of the machines.

Police are urging people to inspect the card reader and look at the paneling on the ATM.

CPD Fraud Investigators offer the following tips to avoid having your information compromised:

  • Check the ATM for tampering
  • Shake/wiggle any protruding parts of the machine
  • Cover the keypad when entering your PIN
  • Check the keypad to make sure there isn’t anything placed over it that moves
  • Look for an ATM that’s inside a bank or within sight of a security camera
  • Be wary of anyone loitering by machines
  • Check bank & credit card statements often

Police have not released the locations of the ATMs in question.

If you suspect any skimming devices are present, please do not touch the devices. Instead, contact someone at the location where you are using the machine and/or call police at (423) 698-2525.