The city of Chattanooga announced Tuesday its plan to combat homelessness in 2019.

Some of the steps of the multi-platform plan have already been taken.

Some homeless people say this could be an answered prayer.

"I would pray every morning and every night that something would change here,” Randy Jackson said.

Randy Jackson has heard many plans over the years to fight homelessness in Chattanooga. But this time around, something feels different to him. He says this plan won't happen overnight, but it still gives him hope.

"There's a lot of good folks in this town. I'll tell ya that. And I am grateful for these people in Chattanooga," Jackson said.

Jackson is one of more than 2,000 people who identify as homeless in the scenic city, according to a recent survey.

City leaders gathered Tuesday morning at the Chattanooga Housing Authority to discuss their plan to take action. They have partnered with Analytic Insights, a company based in Maine. They intend to develop plans to build a homeless shelter and offer better rehab centers.

It's not clear where in the city that will happen.

Organizers say it will take a community effort.

"It's exciting to see that people are interested and wanting to be involved. It's truly something that is going to take a community effort to respond, too,” Sam Wolfe said.

Leslie Ogilvie and Amy Flowers helped design the plan. They say the community's interest has made their jobs a lot easier.

"Heartened with the enthusiasm and the interest that's been around this project and the history of homelessness in Chattanooga and their efforts to address it,” Flowers said.

The plan will cost close to $1.5 million and is expected to cost more in upcoming years.

There is some existing funding in place. The rest will be submitted in future budgets for the city council to approve and come from private funding.

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