Soddy Daisy Police Chief Jeff Gann says parked trains are causing problems for his first responders.

He's calling on the railroad to make changes before his officers are unable to reach someone in crisis.

"And if it's over a mile long train, then you know a lot of time has gone by as far as being able to break that train and getting emergency personnel where needed,” Gann said.

Chief Jeff Gann says trains routinely block railroad crossings in Soddy Daisy. He says this is one of the biggest obstacles first responders face in this area. It's a problem he says could be fixed if railroad companies communicated.

"If they have knowledge of them knowing they are going to be down for any length of time, then we need to be communicating better as far as being able to make sure we have access to be able to take care of our citizens on the other side of those tracks,” Gann said.

Gann says they have equipment like ladders to go around stopped train cars if needed. But navigating the terrain makes that a challenge.

"Those rocks are not anything that you could actually walk on very quickly and it's definitely not something you can run on,” Gann said.

Three roads off Dayton pike were blocked for over two hours Friday afternoon.

Gann took several photos and shared them on Facebook.

He says he's worried this headache could become a crisis if someone on the other side of a parked train needs his officers.

"It would be devastating to know that there is something lying here somewhere that we can come to a resolution in where we can make this work out to where it doesn't have to be the way it is,” Gann said.

A spokesperson from Norfolk Southern says they are looking into the problem and will be back to us with a solution.

They added that the railroad never wants to keep first responders from doing their job.