UPDATE: A motorcycle accident claimed two lives early Monday morning on Barton Avenue.

Chattanooga police identified the victims as motorcycle driver Clinton Gard, 32, and passenger as Brooklyn Lynam.

Investigators say the driver was traveling east on Barton Avenue and went through the intersection, crashing into the guardrail on the bridge.

"When we got on the scene we discovered a motorcycle crash that resulted in two fatalities," said Sgt. Michael Ortel, with Chattanooga Police Department.

Chickamauga Police Department tells Channel 3, Gard was a paramedic for Puckett EMS and a great friend.


Barricades and signs blocked each end of the Veteran's Memorial Bridge, forcing drivers to use detours for about seven hours.

However, technology the Chattanooga police department bought about a year ago is making traffic investigation like this one more efficient.

In 2017, the City Council approved the Chattanooga Police Department to buy about $200,000 in new technology to help solve crimes and re-create traffic accidents like the one on the Veteran's Bridge.

Traffic investigators used advanced 3D scanners to process the scene. However, the time of day slowed the process down.

"It takes a little longer at night time but it's very, very valuable," said Lt. Heather Williams, with Chattanooga Police Department.

Traffic division officers use what is known as a "P40" scanning system, it helps put the evidence in motion and offer 360-degree viewpoints.

"It preserves the evidence, you can see anything and everything that we saw on that day on scene, you'll see that in the scans," Lt. Williams said.

Lt. Heather Williams said it helps give perspectives investigators can use well after an accident. In this particular crash, the scans will be combined because the accident involved two levels and roads.

"We had to do more scans than usual because there are multiple levels because of where the accident happened, it happened at a higher level and the victims were at a lower level," she explained.

However, it's still a major improvement for investigators because the newer models scan faster allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently. The more modern 3D scanners are smaller, more accurate and capture the images in high definition. Above all, it can provide answers for the victim's families.

"It gives us a bigger picture and preserves the scene as we found it, we can view it years down the road," Lt. Williams said.

In 2016, the Tennessee Highway Patrol recognized Chattanooga's traffic division for helping the district lead the state in reducing fatal crashes.

PREVIOUS STORY: Two people have died in a motorcycle crash on Barton Avenue near the Veterans Bridge. 

Chattanooga police identified the victims as motorcycle driver Clinton Gard, 32. and passenger as Brooklyn Lynam, 36.

Police tell Channel 3 that they crashed and went over the guardrail.

Chattanooga Police have been on the scene since just before 1:30 a.m Monday. 

The northbound lanes are closed and southbound traffic is being detoured onto Frazier Avenue. 

They expect the bridge to be completely open by 8:30 a.m. 

We have a crew on the scene and will continue to update this story.

PREVIOUS STORY:  The accident happened around 1:20 a.m. on Barton Avenue. 

We're told there are injuries, but police have not released the extent of those injuries at this time.

Hamilton County dispatchers tell us the bridge will remain closed while the investigation is ongoing.

We will continue to update you as we learn new details.