UPDATE: A fire broke out at Whitwell High School hours after the football team brought home their first state title.

Fire officials say it was set intentionally, and they caught the arsonist on camera.

The video shows the man pouring gasoline on the floor throughout the building. And moments later, the main building of Whitwell High is filled with smoke.

Detective Matt Blansett is asking for the public to assist Marion County and Whitwell Police.

"We have video evidence of the party entering the school and spreading accelerant all over the school,” Blansett said.

The fire happened around 2:00 Sunday morning.

Whitwell fire crews and police arrived on the scene within minutes of the school's automatic fire alarm going off.

Officers said they smelled smoke when they got there.

"We've searched all of the schools to make sure nothing else was on fire. Also, the field house and surrounding campuses, the middle school and elementary school and nothing else was bothered," Billingsly said.

The fire did not cause any significant damage.

Police chief Nathan Billingsly said the cleanup shouldn't take long and students can expect to be in class Monday morning.

He hopes someone will come forward to identify the man in the video before then.

"We are going to need the public's help in this. So, if you guys can get that out there, any help would be greatly appreciated,” Billingsly said.

If you have any information that can help identify this suspect, call police.

PREVIOUS STORY: Officials say that the overnight fire at Whitwell High School may have been deliberately set. The fire came mere hours after the school's big win at the state football championship game. 

Video from security cameras at the school shows what police describe as the arsonist walking down one of the school's hallways, carrying a white object.

Officials tell Channel 3 that the fire was contained to the west end of the main building of the Marion County high school. 

The building sustained minor damage.

The fire is under investigation.

Once more details become available, Channel 3 will give you the latest details.