Reactions are pouring in from around the world after the death of former President George H.W. Bush.

The 41st president died late Friday night in Houston at the age of 94.

He was surrounded by family and friends when he passed.

Tom Griscom, a Chattanooga man, remembers the president fondly. He worked under President Reagan and then Vice-President Bush's administration as a White House communications director.

He was at Bell South Park, which is now the AT&T Field, on April 1, 2000.

"Having left the White House in 1988 and having to opportunity once we came back to Chattanooga to see the president here one more time," Griscom said.

This wasn't the first time President Bush visited the Tennessee Valley.

Rewind back to 1988, then Vice-President Bush was campaigning for office.

Griscom says a memory that will never leave him is when he got on the wrong side of the president after an event mix-up.

"It was probably the best chewing out I ever had in my life, and I just stood there and he is like 6'2" to my 5'6," so I can tell you I was just sitting there realizing this is not something, but just let it happen, but the message was delivered. So that one, as you can tell, stays with me the rest of my life. Being chewed out by the vice president, who then became the president of the United States," Griscom said.

Griscom is not the only one reminiscing about the president.

Leaders across Tennessee and Georgia sent out tweets sharing their condolences speaking to his character and leadership

Marsha Yessick, the chairman of the Hamilton County GOP said, “George H.W Bush was a true patriot! He was an amazing vice-president, serving under President Reagan for eight years. Not only was he a navy officer and a war hero, but, he was a congressman who always reached across the aisle, and continued that policy, even when he was our president! He was a family man and adored his family! He said, “The only time that he and Barbara argued, was when they tried to decide who loved each other the most”! He was genuine in every way and wrote personal notes, to friends, the media, and family each and every day! What an inspiration he was to all Americans and his eldest son, who was also a president. He was a tribute to the Republican Party when he served as the chairman of the Republican national committee. What a loss, but, what a blessing he was to all Americans.”

Griscom has a message for younger generations who may not remember President Bush:

“Go and read about him, because you are going to learn a lot about how decisions get made and you’re going to learn a lot about how the person is the president of this country really can make a difference, not just here but around the world."