UPDATE: The Whitwell Tigers are state champions.

The Tigers defeated the Cornersville Bulldogs Saturday in Cookeville to take home their first state title in school history.

The game was a low scoring one with the final score being Whitwell 7, Cornersville 6. 

Channel 3 will have game highlights at 6:00 pm.

PREVIOUS STORY: "I've been playing with these guys since I was five years old. Same group of kids. We're up in high school now trying to do what we set out to do when we were that young," quarterback Warner Ashworth said.

This isn't a typical run to the state championship. No, this has never happened before in Whitwell, Tennessee. And they have brought to life a whole valley full of Tigers fans.

"A while ago, in recent years, we haven't been very good. It kind of just hurt the community. No one wanted to show up now it's great to see the stands fill up with people Friday night," center Aaron Worley said.

And not just the stands, how about the streets. These kids started the year as normal student-athletes. Well now they're local legends.

"Everywhere you go you get noticed by everybody because we're such a small town, everybody in the community notices. I mean really where I've seen is church. I go to church, and everybody already knew me already, but it's just a whole different feeling. They always ask about the games and stuff," Worley said.

"I've been late to school like three of four times in the last week just going to the Raceway to get a biscuit because someone stopped me and wanted to talk about football. So everyone is pretty hyped up and wanting to get their scoop about it," Ashworth.

"You know often times I'll tell the kids to look up in the stands and let them know the reason they're here, and the reason is you," head coach Randall Boldin said.

Like their last two victories, it's just something you have to see to believe. But it's their belief in one another that has them on the verge of accomplishing what they set out to do all those years ago. And that's bring a state championship home to Whitwell.

"The camaraderie we all have. I mean we love each other everybody in there. No matter who it is, freshman or a senior, everyone loves each other. We have each other's back and everyone plays for one another," Ashworth said.