A Rhea County EMS employee was caught swerving in between lanes, almost crashing into a guardrail.

Dayton police arrested Amanda Smith for DUI.

It happened Wednesday on Rhea County Highway.

Police said Smith was driving a personal vehicle.

A police report revealed a driver called 911 around 6:00 pm with concerns about another driver traveling north on Rhea County Highway in a dark-colored Ford pickup truck. Police said Smith was that driver. While following behind her, police said they watched Smith swerve lanes several times. They pulled her over moments before she almost crashed into a guardrail.

According to the report, Smith's eyes were droopy and her speech was slurred. When asked if she had been drinking or had taken any medications, Smith told officers she took Sudafed for a flight to Canada.

But her story quickly changed.

She then told police her doctor prescribed her Zolphidem, a sedative medication, to help her sleep. However, Smith told police she had not gotten the prescription filled. Moments later police found the pill bottle in a cup holder inside Smith's car. They said the prescription was for 30 pills, and only 16 were left. Police said they performed several sobriety tests and Smith “did poorly.”

On Friday, Channel 3 reached out to Smith over the phone. She agreed to share her side of the story on camera but declined while a reporter was on the way to meet her.

“My lawyer told me not to talk,” Smith said over the phone.

When asked if she had anything to say about what happened, Smith said, “no comment. I mean, I was not under the influence, and I took a blood test.”

Smith's attorney, Hank Hill, reached out to Channel 3.

"We are asking everyone to wait until the final outcome," Hill said. "We look forward to our day in court."
We reached out to Rhea Co. EMS to see if Smith was heading into or coming from work, but they did not wish to comment. They also would not share details on when Smith was hired or how long she has been employed. They did say Smith is suspended until further notice.

We also reached out to Puckett EMS.

A spokesperson told us Smith was offered a job but had not finished training. They also declined to comment on Wednesday’s incident but said a driver's record is a key factor in employment.

We checked Smith's background. According to a Rhea County court clerk, this is the first time Smith has been in trouble with the law in Rhea County.