Walker County will soon have a board of commissioners.

During the November midterm elections, residents voted to move away from a sole commissioner model. The role is currently held by Shannon Whitfield.

The Walker County community has been talking about this for years.

Now, they will go from one commissioner to five, but it will still take a couple of years to make the transition.

The referendum establishing a five-commissioner board was approved by 80 percent of voters.

Joe Legge, public information director for Walker County, says he's glad the community spoke with one voice.

“It's kind of historic, and it's something that's going to bring more oversight to Walker County,” Legge said. “It's something that Commissioner Whitfield has preached is transparency and accountability,”.

This board will be elected in the 2020 election and will start serving January 2021.

The five commissioners will consist of four district representatives and a chairperson.

“Lookout Mountain, Rossville, Chickamauga and also LaFayette,” Legge said. “The state tried to create districts that were of the same population.”

Every two years, only two districts' commissioners will be up for re-election.

Districts one and two will be the first set of commissioners to run. Districts three and four will be next.

These rules were set up through the Georgia General Assembly.

“There's not the complete government changed over at one time so that there are some folks that have experience,” Legge said.

An official time date and place for the commissioners meeting will be determined after their January 2021 session.

Those meetings will still be held in LaFayette.