UPDATE: A Chattanooga police officer has been charged with felony kidnapping and sexual battery. It happened earlier this month when a victim said she was caught shoplifting.

According to an arrest report, a woman was caught shoplifting at a Food City where Benjamin Dessalines was working a side security job. It said the officer offered to give her a ride home after his shift, but he stopped at his apartment and told her to come inside with him. That's when the victim said things went terribly wrong.

A female victim told investigators Chattanooga Police Officer Benjamin Dessalines brought her to his apartment on Douglas Street against her will. Inside the apartment, the report said Dessalines tried to have sex with her.

When she refused, he took her back to his car. There, he asked the victim to help find his gun. Again, she refused. The report said he then pulled a non-service weapon from a white bag in the back seat and began loading it.

He drove them to a back alley. Another car started coming towards them, the victim said Dessalines muttered "I hope that's not a cop," and thought he was going to kill her.

In a statement, Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy said, “there are hundreds of Chattanooga Police Officers who do great work every day to uphold the mission of the Chattanooga Police Department and build trust with community members,” said Chief David Roddy. “Investigations into conduct of this magnitude are the result of choices and actions of a few and do not represent the values of the department and the many officers who serve the Chattanooga community.”

The CPD Internal Affairs investigation is separate from the criminal investigation being conducted by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

Dessalines was hired by CPD in 2016.

He has bonded out of jail.