As the temperatures drop, pet owners need to remember their furry friends outside.

McKamey Animal Center employees tell Channel 3 they have had twice the usual number of calls to make animal welfare checks in two days, and in 72 hours they've taken in 14 dogs because of weather-related abuse.

The cold weather could be dangerous for your family's pets who stay outside.

"A little bit of education and a little bit of help goes a long way,” said Jamie McAloon, executive director at McKamey, “The ability to give them the resources to be a better pet owner is huge."

McAloon explained keeping dogs outdoors is okay if they have what they need to stay warm, like dog houses.

An open porch or a garage that is not heated is all right but not ideal for your pet.

"The smaller the enclosure the better for the animal, because they have to retain body heat," McAloon explained.

Not every dog is taken away when animal welfare officers check on a home. Many times they take dog houses to pet owners who need them. They also fill them with hay, a better bedding than blankets. They want to educate pet owners.

"Some people just can't bring the dog inside,” said McAloon, “Doesn't mean they don't love the dog, but they just can't bring it inside for whatever reason and in those cases we just want to help them out."

If your dog stays outside, McAloon has a few important other things you should remember, "Feed them more, make sure they've got dry bedding, check their pads and paws just in case there's any ice or snow because they do get cracked and they do get frostbite.

The cold weather has just begun and crews at McKamey are already running out of supplies to give to pet owners in need. They are trying to stockpile hay and plastic doghouses for animal welfare officers to give out. If you would like to donate, items can be taken directly to McKamey Animal Center.