Police in North Georgia discovered at least $150,000 worth of stolen items and it all began with a traffic stop over the weekend.

So far, eight people have been arrested in connection to the case.

At least 50 people from different parts of Georgia and Tennessee have been impacted by this case. Police are now trying to return a warehouse full of items to their owners.

An antique radio, tools, and this NASCAR collectible are some of the items that were taken by thieves.

The stolen goods add up to more than $150,000 and this isn't even all of them.

Officer Ryan Fowler said this goes beyond a simple theft.

"This is not a one man operation or a two man operation, this is a ring of people. This takes some organized cooperation between individuals to make an operation of this scale work,” Officer Ryan Fowler with the Varnell Police Department said.

Some of the more expensive items included a ford pickup truck, three trailers, two motorcycles, and ATVs. Others are priceless.

"This meant something to somebody. There is no reason to deprive someone of their property. It doesn't matter how minute it looks or what one man considers junk is another man's treasure,” Officer Fowler said.

A traffic stop Saturday morning uncovered the large scale operation.

Officer Fowler spotted a pickup truck with a trailer attached to it. A broken tail light made him suspicious.

"All it took was a tail light out and we've led to this. This is all because of a tail light stop and here we are,” Officer Fowler said.

From there, officers found dozens of other stolen goods. The thefts range from Cleveland, Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia.

Eight people have been arrested in connection to the case.

Now police are working to find out who these items belong to.

"We're putting pictures on our Facebook. We were putting pictures on as we were loading it last night hoping somebody would say 'hey, I know that' and actually that has happened so far. We've had a couple of things identified,” Chief Lyle Grant with the Varnell Police Department said.

The case is the first of its kind for Varnell Police Chief Lyle Grant. We were there as someone identified one of the items to the chief.

Police said it's a lesson to secure your belongings and to report thefts in your neighborhood.

"Always make a police report because you never know when your victimless crime, we find out where it's at, and put you back in touch with your property,” Officer Fowler said.

Police expect to make more arrests in this case. If any of these items belong to you, call the Varnell Police Department.

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