UPDATE: Englewood Elementary in McMinn County will be closed on Thursday, November 29, due to a mechanical issue with a heating and air unit.

Director of schools Mickey Blevins says will be closed due to the health risk from a gas leak that originated in the boiler room at the bottom of the school.



Richard Clowers is the interim Englewood town manager and gas superintendent and said, "I have kids that go to school there, I will make sure that the school is safe before they return back to school or before the gas is turned back on."

He says simple wear-and-tear on the equipment in the school's boiler room caused the gas leak.

Richard Clowers said, "It can make your eyes burn, give you a headache, make you nausea and possibly it could make you start throwing up."

Blevins says repairs are being made to the unit and closing the school will allow the unit to run for a day to make sure it is working properly.

Clowers says while the school is closed Thursday, a team will be working to ensure the school is safe

“Me and Webb's plumbing is going over there, I am taking my gas monitor, and the fire department is going with us. We are walking through every room in the school and we are going to check the levels and everything to make sure the school is safe and the heaters are working properly. Webb's is going to conduct another inspection on the heater before school is allowed to continue on," said Clowers.

After Thursday the city does not expect there to be any more problems, and that the safety of students and faculty are top priority.

This is the only school that will be closed in McMinn County on Thursday, November 29.