In the next few months, you may see a colorful, educational piece of art driving around Chattanooga.

The City of Chattanooga Department of Public Works’ Water Quality Team has unveiled a new educational bus wrap featuring a cartoon frog reminding Chattanooga to keep the waterways clean. 

Water that enters storm drains, catch basins, curbs inlets and other stormwater systems will eventually make its way into area creeks and streams and ultimately, into the Tennessee River. Everything, including litter, going into a storm drain, catch basin, or curb inlet will end up in our local waterways.

“Everyone can play a part to reduce the impact our urban environment has on area streams and rivers,” said Justin Holland, Administrator of the Department of Public Works, “Illegal dumping and littering directly impacts water quality and we can all take action to protect the quality of our local waterways.”

Chattanooga Department of Public Works urges you to help keep our area creeks and streams healthy by informing CHATT311.

Residents should report illicit discharges and illegal dumping they witness in the city.

If you see litter on a storm drain, piling up in a curb inlet or catch basin, or in one of our many waterways please notify CHATT311 or you can download the app for iPhone or Andriod.