With winter right around the corner, temperatures over the next few days are expected to stay below the 30s with the wind chill.

However, many people are still want to work out without getting sick.

Kristina Guy with Sportsbarn says during this time of year, plenty of people can spread germs in the gym.

According to Guy, one of the best ways to protect yourself from getting germs is to simply wipe the equipment down. 

Guy offers some tips on how to avoid getting sick.

“Sneezing your elbow, wipe the equipment down, and wash your hands,” said Kristina Guy. “That's the best thing you can do, and it's even better than all of this hand sanitizer."

She says a crew cleans all of the equipment multiple times a day.

But Guy still encourages everyone working out to kill the germs by wiping down the machines.

“If you think about it people, are sweating, and they are touching their faces,” said Guy. “They are touching all kind of surfaces. They are using all of this equipment and someone comes behind them.”

Although many people work out in the gym, some enjoy running outside.

Jonathan Kerley, a doctor with Fast Access Healthcare, says it is okay to run in the cold weather, but make sure your body temperature stays above 95 degrees.

Kerley says anything less than 95 degrees can cause hypothermia.

“Not just cold hands and feet, but confusion, difficulty walking, coordination, difficulty thinking, and your systems begin to not work correctly,” said Kerley.

Kerley says the best thing to do is layer your clothing.

Guy agrees.

“Personally, I will wear leggings and I will wear some type of wicking top like a dry shirt, just make sure you can keep warm,” said Guy.

Kerley says another tip to staying healthy during the colder months is to stay hydrated.

He says it's best to drink water, but sports drinks are okay, too. 

“As far as the sports drinks, we prefer something that's not high in sugar,” said Kerley. “Gatorade and Powerade, those things are adequate." 

Kerley says some of his patients are already experiencing strep throat, flu and gastro-intestinal bugs. 

Guy says if you already have a cold it's okay to work out, but if you have a fever you should stay at home.