You've no doubt seen the videos. Cameras recording thieves stealing packages from front porches moments after the delivery driver drops them off.

"A lot of times these people will follow the truck, the delivery trucks, and they'll wait for them to drop it off, and then they'll go up and get it," Officer Spencer Bristol said.

Detective Clifford told me sometimes porch pirates are in cahoots with the drivers. Other times, the bad guys just drive through the neighborhood, looking for boxes.

"It's a simple, pull up, get out of the car, one person can sit in the driver's seat, another person runs up to the porch, grabs it, gets back in the car and leave. You're talking 30-seconds," Clifford said.

Back in July, I rode through a neighborhood with an officer, and we saw box after box left on doorsteps and even in an open garage.

So how do you keep your packages, your packages?

"Get to know a neighbor and ask them to take the delivery for you," Clifford said. "We also recommend having the package delivered to your office where you work. One of the best options, and I've used it before, is to have it delivered to a UPS store and that way on your way home from work, you run the store and pick it up there."

As for sharing a video of porch pirates taking what's not theirs, Clifford says, go ahead share it on Facebook, get the video in front of as many people as possible and if someone recognizes a porch pirate, contact police