Cold temperatures have made their way to the Tennessee Valley and are causing problems for one Hamilton County school.

Monday morning, parents were notified by their students that there was no heat in the classroom.

Parents say they're frustrated because the school district didn't let them know about the issue.

The district says the air is now back up and running at the school, and there is heat in the building. Things at the school are back to normal.

Parents told Channel 3 that their children were shivering in class and that this isn't the first time they haven't been notified when something like this happens.

"The district works to keep parents informed and we have a good track record of that in the past year," Hamilton County Schools spokesperson Tim Hensley said. "Principals are on the scene and know conditions so they are in the best situation to make a determination on notification in the short term."

Hensley explained that the boiler at the school was working, but the blower used to distribute the head did not come back up when power was restored after an outage Sunday night.

"It took some time to determine that temps were not rising during the morning inside the building," Hensley added. Once that was determined, maintenance was dispatched to fix the blower and it was understood that the blower would be repaired in a short time frame. Temps stayed in the low to mid 60’s in the school during the blower repair period."

The school's principal is planning to send a message to parents Monday evening about what happened and how the school addressed the problem.