Drivers across the nation are traveling home from the holidays, and gas prices are lower meaning more drivers are on the road this year.

Drivers say the lower gas prices are worth the long drives ahead of them.

"Gas prices have been wonderful this year. A lot cheaper. Right around two dollars a gallon," Joe Fox said.

Fox is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He and his wife are driving down to Florida after visiting his son in Knoxville.

He said the gas prices going down have made traveling thousands of miles worth the drive.

"I keep my van filled up the whole time. You can't beat it," Fox added. "Oh absolutely. I'll drive and my wife will fly.”

Fox isn't the only one who loves the cheaper gas prices this holiday season.

Dan Braun from Indiana said that's one of the reasons he likes to travel through the Tennessee Valley.

Gas prices have dropped throughout the United States.

According to AAA, the average gas price in Chattanooga is $2.21 and drops as low as $2.01 a gallon.

Ooltewah has the cheapest gas in the area right now with the highest cost being $2.17 a gallon and the low being $1.99 a gallon.

AAA says over 54 million people are driving this Thanksgiving.

They say it’s the busiest Thanksgiving weekend they've had on the road since 2005, and with more people on the road, drivers are taking extra precaution.

"Pay attention to the road. No texting and driving, you know,” Fox said.

"Get in the slow lane and when you can hop in the fast lane. Look for cops,” Braun said.