A nationwide Christmas tree shortage has many people concerned they won't be able to purchase one for the holiday season.

The supply is now tight and replenishing it takes time since a tree grows eight to 10 years before it's ready for the tree lot.

John Weaver, owner of Weaver’s off of Signal Mountain Road, says businesses should gear up for a long holiday season.

"The only thing they can do right now is start looking at next year. And start now in trying to find a reliable supplier. Because, when it’s cut off and over with, that's it. That's probably not the best answer, but that's it,” Weaver said.

John Weaver's tree business has been in Chattanooga for over 30 years.

He says the recent Christmas tree shortage has not affected them personally, but seeing other retailers struggle isn't something that puts him in the holiday spirit.

"It's really sad in one way because we're getting calls from people right now that are looking for trees, and they've been cut off from their original supplier,” Weaver said.

A recent shortage of Christmas trees has affected multiple parts of the south.

Some retailers say the wildfires that spread across six southern states in 2016 impacted tree and seeding supply.  

Since Weaver and his family grow their own trees, they aren't dependent on any supplier.

Weaver says the process isn’t quick and easy.

"There's a major process. You just don't go out there and cut them down. You have to sheer them, maintain them. We have to sheer them every year. And, of course, a lot of fertilization,” Weaver said.

He's gotten many calls from other retailers who need supplies.

Customers have also called about Weaver's tree supplies, and he assures them they are OK.

He says no matter where people get their trees from, they should pay attention to one thing.

"Make sure it's fresh. I mean, you know, a lot of major companies start cutting really early, and they have to for the volume they are doing,” Weaver said.