Black Friday is over and retailers are now in the process of recovering stores.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDIC) is reminding shoppers to be aware of a store's return policy just in case holiday shopping didn't pan out the way someone intended.

Abby Underwood who is the sales lead at Molly Green says, “Always get gift receipts if it's a gift or save your receipt if it's something for yourself and make sure you are aware of the store's return or exchange policy when you purchase."

Molly Green is a small business located on Gunbarrel Road near Hamilton Place Mall. It’s a newer store based out of Nashville.

Underwood says it's vital for a stress-free experience if a customer has a receipt.

Like Molly Green, every store has their own return policy during the holidays and with more than 160-million people hitting stores this weekend, some are now being more strict than others.

Underwood says that's not the case for Molly Green.

"We do exchanges or store credit within 30-days; but actually, for the holiday season we have extended our policy until January 15th just to make it easier on the customer,” said Underwood.

With more people shopping this year due to a rising economy, the National Retail Federation expects there will be more returns.

You still can mark out or remove the price, but make sure the bar code stays on the item and can be read.

The state agency also says you should look out for special return policies and always know the store's return policy period.

It's also good to mark your calendar so you don't miss the date in which you can return an item.

Underwood says even taking a little extra time while shopping can help someone avoid having to return an item altogether.

"Just make sure if you are shopping for someone to have them try it on if you can, or have them shop with you and you come back and purchase the item. We do hold items for 24 hours here. Even have them make a wish list, a really specific wish list on pieces that they want," suggested Underwood.

The shopping craze isn't over yet. As many as 67-million people are expected to participate in Small Business Saturday.