Finding an Amazon delivery box at the front door is one of those little Christmas surprises that'll remind you of seeing what's under the tree on Christmas morning. After a few weeks though, if you shop a lot at Amazon, those boxes start to pile up and by December 26th, you may have dozens of those smiling boxes lying around the house.

Don't break them down and toss them in the trash though, Amazon and the company "Give Back Box" want you to use those boxes to make donations to Goodwill.

Give Back Box will take your donations and ship them for free to Goodwill. Amazon is just one of about a dozen companies partnering with Give Back Box to drive up donations while making it easy on the donor.

Here's how it works:

Stuff as many items (good quality please) into the used Amazon box as you can. Give Back Box and Goodwill cannot accept donations of electronics, fragile or hazardous items and certainly no liquids or ammunition. Give Back Box says there's no weight limit so stuff those sturdy boxes full.

Go to Give Back Box website and print out a free shipping label. You don't have to register to download a shipping label but the site does ask for some basic information such as your zip code and e-mail address. Give Back Box uses your zipcode to locate the nearest participating Goodwill donation center.

Once the shipping label is downloaded, you can tape the label to the sealed box and take it to your nearby post office. You can also schedule a delivery so the USPO will walk up to your doorstep, pick up the item and ship it to Goodwill.

It couldn't be easier to make a donation to the charity.

If you'd like a receipt for a tax deduction you will need to sign up and register with Give Back Box to receive an e-mail receipt.

Personally, I see things around my house all the time and think 'I should take that to Goodwill', but I never do. With Give Back Box I just have to grab one of the Amazon boxes, load it up, slap on a free shipping label and put it by the front door.

Also, by using the Amazon box a second time it's good for the environment.

Give Back Box will also print shipping labels for any cardboard box you have provided it's sturdy enough to hold what you're shipping.