Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving these days and millions of Americans are out trying to get a head start on their holiday shopping.

Best Buy was one of the first stores to open on Thanksgiving on what some are calling “Gray Thursday," ahead of Black Friday.

The term “Gray Friday” came from stores now opening up earlier than in previous years.

Best Buy customer Xavier Burney and his friends were the first in line and waited in front of the store together for about 11 hours.

"We got here around 6:00 am. We just wanted to be the first ones even though we didn't see another person until like 10 o'clock,” said Burney.

Over a thousand people later joined them, all looking for a holiday deal.

Burney said, “They got some pretty good deals on TV's. They have a 76-inch from Samsung for about 699 and there is a good deal that my friends are going after which is like a Toshiba TV."

According to wallet hub, 35% of Americans said they will spend $500 or more on holiday shopping.

Best Buy is expected to make millions from Black Friday deals, but say the customer benefits more.

Nathan Roach, general manager of Best Buy said, “People are saving a ton of money; anywhere from 2, 3, $400 dollars. It is absolutely huge savings right now."

Customers like Shamika Jackson can agree.

"Probably saved 5 or $600 dollars, I am very excited,” said Jackson.

Jackson is from Chicago visiting a friend who relocated to the scenic city. She says although the deals were great, this trip meant just a little bit more.

If someone didn't get a chance to find a deal Thanksgiving night, stores will be open across the Tennessee Valley on Friday morning.