Thinking of cutting the cord? All month we've been investigating how to do it, which streaming service is best for you and how much you'll eventually have to pay in order to watch the channels you like.

Rather than paying for Netflix or Amazon Prime you can find movies and TV shows for free. Two services you may not have heard about before now. TubiTV, Pluto TV stream many of the same movies and shows as Netflix. The selection is fairly good and I've noticed dozens of titles that always seem to be playing on Netflix or Amazon Prime Movies. How many times has the movie "Babel" scrolled past as you're looking for something to watch?

Tubi TV and Pluto TV have them too and they're totally free.

A third player in the free streaming service is YouTube. Just announced this week, you can watch many of the same movies for free on YouTube including the entire collection of "Rocky" films. The picture quality is surprisingly good although I haven't had a chance to see it on a big-screen TV.

So how are these movies and TV shows free? Simple: commercials. YouTube, Pluto and TubiTV sell commercials that play during the movie. Commercials you cannot skip or fast-forward. That isn't a bad trade-off to see some of these shows for free.

You can stream these services on a desktop computer, or on a smartphone or tablet using their app. To stream it to a television you'll need a streaming gadget such as a Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or a Roku.