Millions of Americans sat down with their families for a Thanksgiving feast. However, some people aren't as fortunate and have no family to visit.

The Salvation Army helped bring them some holiday cheer by delivering a meal.

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for the Salvation Army.

For Thanksgiving, the Chattanooga office fed more than 500 people in need, and in Cleveland, more than 300.

Those meals went to the homebound people who are low income and families of federal inmates.

This group also cooked 60 turkeys. And sprayed several pans for dressing.

The goal is to feed as many people who can't leave their homes as possible this Thanksgiving.

Adair Darland has received a meal from the Salvation Army every year since she moved into Dogwood Manor nine years ago.

“It means something special to get Thanksgiving dinner because lots of people don't have family here in Chattanooga, or don't have family at all. So, it's been very nice,” Darland said.

It’s taken Chef Terry Epps a week to prepare enough food, but he's been doing this for 10 years.

He says it's more than delivering a meal, it's about giving a smile.

“What is a smile do?” Epps asked. “It changes your attitude; it changes your life, friend, that one moment.”

Epps said each year he enjoys creating this meal and hearing feedback is rewarding.

“We get cards from him in an enormous amount of people we've served Thanksgiving dinner to they really appreciate it,” Epps said.

“We are very grateful that we have our health, we live in such a beautiful building. We are well staffed, and they are thoughtful,” Darland said.

For those who would like to donate or volunteer, you still have plenty of time to do so.

The Salvation Army is in need of coats and other warm clothing.

You can also pick an angel from the Angel Tree to give a gift in hope of making a child's holiday.