The mad Thanksgiving ravel dash has slowed in the Scenic City.

For the majority of the day, drivers dealt with bumper to bumper traffic on the interstates causing major delays and it didn’t clear until about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

AAA says the traffic we saw this week is the most we've seen in almost 12 years with 54 million Americans traveling by either car, plane or train.

Donna Spangler is among millions of Americans who hit the road this holiday season.

The Harrisburg, Pennsylvania woman is driving more than 600 miles to Canton, Georgia.

"To visit family and friends… My son is down here with a job and so we came down to be with family until. We are headed back Monday,” said Donna Spangler.

This was Spangler’s first time driving this far south and says the only time she had trouble was in Knoxville.

"It was bumper to bumper and there was an accident, but we were warned ahead on the traffic, GPS device, but we didn't see anything… probably slowed us down 15 to 20 minutes.

Homa Ali and Isabel Ramos say it was a different story between Atlanta and Nashville.

“Traffic there was awful,  It was like 2 extra hours on a 4-hour drive. Everyone was really aggressive, very aggressive; we thought driving in Atlanta was bad, but it wasn't even as bad as coming up here."

So bad the Tennessee Highway Patrol issued a heavy traffic alert on Twitter.


Both Ali and Ramos are thankful to head back home to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends

The same goes for Spangler who says the safe drive down south was enough.

Donna Spangler said, “I am thankful for coming all this way, getting this far and just being with family and friends and just being very blessed by God with our lives."

The next worry for Spangler like for many other drivers is the drive back.