It's been two years since the Woodmore bus crash, and the community continues to remember the six children who lost their lives that day.

Family members and some Hamilton County school employees tied ribbons on power poles near the site of the 2016 bus crash, honoring the kids.

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Community members and people passing through say their memory will last forever.

Charlie Henry Brown has lived in the Hemphill neighborhood for more than 30 years. He was at home the day Woodmore Elementary bus 366 crashed on Talley Road.

“I heard a crash,” said Brown. “The next thing, I saw the power lines moving all over the place, and it scared me pretty bad.”

Brown still gets emotional thinking about the six children who lost their lives that day.

He says he remembers walking up to the site after the crash. “It was so horrific that I couldn't do much,” said Brown. “All I could do was hold myself together really.”

For the past two years, a group of parents and staff from the Hamilton County School System come together to hang these ribbons along the road.

Blue and white represent Woodmore Elementary school colors.

Community members like Brown want to send a message to those family members.

“It shows we cared!” said Brown. “We really cared for those children.”

This year, Brown watched as the group went from pole to pole, lining the street with the ribbons, in a simple way to remember the students.

He doesn't want anyone to forget want happened here two years ago.

“I saw what happened,” said Brown. “So I would like to keep it going keep it going just don't let it die.”

Parents of the victims, along with Hamilton County school employees put the ribbons up.

They did not want to do an interview because they wanted to remember the children in private this year.