UPDATE: The family of Joe Shelton Jr., the man killed on I-24 near the Shelby Avenue Bridge on Tuesday, Nov. 20 is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for his death.

Shelton Jr. was driving his Nissan GT-R sports car around 4:54 a.m. when a 23-pound chunk of concrete dropped from the Shelby Avenue Bridge, smashing through his windshield and killed him upon impact.

Metro Police are still investigating to determine if the incident was a criminal act, and they said the manner in which the concrete went through Shelton's windshield has yet to be determined. Scientists at the crime laboratory have been examining the chunk of concrete for evidence, and experts have been brought in to determine where the concrete originated. TDOT crews have determined the chunk of concrete was not a portion of the Shelby Avenue Bridge structure and resembled a concrete curb.

Anyone with information that leads to the identification and conviction of a person or persons responsible for Shelton's death can call Nashville Crime Stoppers at (615) 742-7463. Crime Stoppers is offering an additional reward up to $1,000 on top of the family's $5,000 reward.

PREVIOUS STORY: Police believe a large rock thrown from an overpass caused a deadly crash in downtown Nashville, and detectives are working to determine if it was done intentionally.

The incident happened in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 24 near the exit for Shelby Avenue just before 5 a.m. Tuesday.

According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, officials are working to determine if the rock was intentionally thrown off the Shelby Avenue Bridge, hitting a Nissan GT-R sports car on the interstate below.

The driver, identified as 54-year-old Joe C. Shelton Jr. of Pleasant View, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The rock landed in the windshield of Shelton's vehicle and hit him in the face. After Shelton was hit, he sideswiped a Toyota pickup truck and a guardrail before coming to a stop on the Silliman Evans Bridge.

TDOT bridge inspectors determined that the chunk of concrete was not part of the bridge's structure and instead resembles part of a roadway curb.

According to police, Shelton was on his way to work at the Nissan plant in Smyrna when the incident happened.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Police in Tennessee believe someone threw a chunk of concrete from a highway overpass, killing a driver who was on his way to work.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department says 54-year-old Joe C. Shelton Jr. was killed when the concrete came through his front windshield and hit him in the face. The incident happened just before 5 a.m. Tuesday while Shelton was driving on Interstate 24 near downtown Nashville. Shelton was traveling from his home in Pleasant View to his job at a Nissan plant in Smyrna.

Tennessee Transportation Department bridge inspectors determined the concrete was not part of the nearby Shelby Avenue Bridge. They say the chunk more closely resembles a roadway curb.

Police believe the chunk was thrown from the bridge and are reviewing available surveillance footage of the area.

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