UPDATE: Following a rise in deadly crashes for the month of November in Dade County, the Sheriff’s Office and Georgia State Patrol teamed up over the holiday weekend to keep the roads safe.

Dade County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Chad Payne says there were no fatalities during the holiday weekend.

Here is a look at the traffic violations in Dade County from November 21-25:

There were 16 traffic accidents with no fatalities.

Three people were arrested for driving on a suspended license. One person was arrested for reckless driving and two people were arrested for DUI.

A total of 74 speeding tickets were issued and three people were ticketed for distracted driving.

There were 37 traffic citations written for other various offenses.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Georgia State Patrol says the amount of serious crashes in Georgia has increased in the month of November.

Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross says the recent string of car crashes on I-59 are uncommon.

Multiple fatal wrecks in the past few days has prompted Dade County officers and the Georgia State Patrol to team up to make sure people are safe on the road.

"With the holiday season coming up too, we want people to be safe on the highways," Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross said. "That is why Captain Stultz has agreed to help us and we appreciate them very much."

On Monday night, a tractor-trailer caused a multi-vehicle wreck on I-59 South outside the Slygo Road exit. One person was killed.

The driver of the tractor-trailer, Stephen Farmer, was arrested and charged with homicide by vehicle and failure to yield.

GSP Captain Don Stultz says these kinds of wrecks are a result of distracted driving.

"Distracted driving around the state of Georgia is a contributing factor in many fatalities. It could be eating while you're driving. It could be changing the radio station, looking off the road,” Stultz said.

Officials report six deadly crashes in the month of November alone for Dade County. In the last week, there have been four crashes with three fatalities.

On Friday, two semi-trucks wrecked five miles away from where the most recent crash happened Monday night. Ralph Elam, 44, from South Carolina died in the crash. Gustavo Rodriguez-Pagan was charged with driving under the influence and homicide by vehicle.

On Saturday, five vehicles were involved in a crash off of I-24. A 13-year-old died in that crash.

Stultz hopes the GSP's presence can stop distracted and dangerous drivers.

"Let us get out there and stop them. Make sure they are not impaired. Make sure they are not a sleepy driver. Let us get these dangerous drivers off the road,” Stultz said.

Captain Stultz says if you see a distracted or dangerous driver, call 911.