If we compare the average temperature this November, to November of 2017, the average highs and lows this month have been much cooler. The average temperature so far this month has been 4 degrees below normal, compared to the 2.2 degrees above normal in November of 2017. 

The Temperature Outlook released from the Climate Prediction Center shows below normal temperatures continuing through the 3rd of December. This comes just in time for harvesting carrots for Christmas. 

So what does weather have to do with carrots? Everything.

You and I wear a coat to protect from the cold. Animals have created their own defense mechanism by developing thicker fur. Crops, however, have had to develop their own defense mechanism too since they can't go anywhere. This is where sugar comes into play. You'll notice cold season crops taste a bit sweeter in winter than in the spring and summer months. This is due to the colder temperatures.

Sugar helps protect a plant from a frost or freeze. Otherwise, the formation of ice crystals would either damage or kills the crop. Thus the colder the temperature, the more sugar production, and sweeter the carrot!

Because this November has been colder than November of 2017, locally grown Thanksgiving carrots and especially Christmas carrots this year, should be sweeter. 

Local Crabtree Farms will begin harvesting carrots in two weeks! We'll be following up with them then. 

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