Over the next few days, drivers should expect to see an increased Tennessee Highway Patrol presence across the state.

As millions plan to hit the roads to spend Thanksgiving with family THP wants to keep you safe.

But across Tennessee, the number of traffic fatalities is down, but Hamilton County is on the rise. Beginning Wednesday, THP troopers will be strategically placed on the interstates in hopes of saving lives.

“We are positioning troopers closer to the interstate, so we can respond quickly to fix that issue,” said THP Lt. John Harmon. “It allows you and your family to get to the destination safely.”

Harmon says the unit has been trying different ways to keep you safe, but they need help from every driver.

He says people need to go back to the basics of driving.

“Hands on the steering well and I was on the road,” said Harmon. “And what we are really asking motorized to do is put those electronic devices down.”

Nearly 48.5 million people are expected to drive this Thanksgiving, with the highest travel days being Tuesday and Wednesday.

Harmon suggests keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you.

“For sudden stops that will be occurring on the interstate system with all the volume of traffic the last thing you want to do is hit another car in front of you,” said Harmon.

About a week ago, troopers launched Operation Incognito to catch people breaking traffic violations.

During this time, they noticed several people violating what Harmon says is one of the most important rules.

“Buckle that seat belt,” said Harmon. “That's the number one thing, and we want you to arrive alive to your family.”

So far this year, the statistics for the 12-county district around Chattanooga show a decrease by seven fatalities, but Hamilton County is up 14.

Harmon says they are working to fix those numbers.

“We've brought resources into Hamilton County to help the local agencies reduce those fatalities,” said Harmon.

In the event that your car breaks down, or you get in an accident on the road. Drivers can dial *THP which is *847 to request a trooper.