One of our viewers, Melvin Brooks, called in to rant about having a reservation for the Trump event earlier this month at McKenzie Arena, but not being able to get in.

I hear you, Melvin.  And I know that must be frustratingThe President Trump event allowed for 20,000 people to reserve a spot online for McKenzie Arena which for that event could only hold a little more than 10,000.  I would be ticked if I received a ticket to something and wasn’t allowed entrance.

But let me be the devil’s advocate for a second.  With many things for which we purchase tickets overselling is a common practice.  From a business perspective it’s understandable.  If you own a plane you want it to be as full as possible, and they use statistics and algorithms to determine how many of the people who purchased tickets will actually show up.  So while a plane might actually hold only 400 people, the airline might sell 440 tickets knowing statistically that 40 people will not show up OR they may be trying to incentivize people to switch to another flight which is not fully booked.

Now, with a free political event the organizers are WAY more concerned with the venue being full for good optics than they are about your customer experience.  And they are also trying to protect against political opponents getting tickets and not coming as well as people just deciding not to go.  Remember, it’s free. So the folks that had to stand outside may have been a little frustrated, but the optics of a full McKenzie arena AND folks crowding outside was priceless.

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