A local family receives signed memorabilia from Peyton Manning after losing everything in a house fire.

"He has been a mentor that my kids have looked up to their entire lives," said Angie Lowery, the mother of two boys who lost their home to a house fire a year and a half ago.

Many have looked up to Peyton Manning but not many have a story like Angie and her two sons. Tennessee great and anticipated Hall of Famer Peyton Manning made this Thanksgiving week a special one for Angie's family.

Last year Tennessee Athletic Director Phil Fulmer helped replace some of their memorabilia that they lost in the fire and he did so in person.

On Wednesday, Angie received the final pieces to their re-built collection with a personal touch from Peyton Manning delivered by Alan Pressley and Dr. Rodney Susong. 

Manning signed footballs and hats for the family. Angie said when she found out she broke down in tears of joy.

"This was probably the most exciting part of the missing link, the things that we lost. I couldn't even imagine Peyton would have been so gracious and kind to replace these pieces for us. This Thanksgiving I'm more thankful than ever."

Angie said she already has a spot in her new home dedicated to Peyton's signed memorabilia as she gets set to host her first Thanksgiving after the fire.