UPDATE: The Bradley County inmate who escaped while at a hospital has been found. Bradley County deputies captured Keith McGill at a home in East Cleveland.

McGill spent more than 36 hours on the run. His escape is leading the Bradley County Sheriff to re-evaluate department policies. He escaped Monday, when the corrections officer responsible for watching over him, went to the restroom.

Sheriff Steve Lawson will be taking a hard look at polices regarding Bradley County inmates. “We've got to take ownership of this place and we got to get better,” said Sheriff Lawson.

Earlier this month Keith McGill was arrested on aggravated burglary and theft charges. A few days after booking, Sheriff Lawson said McGill swallowed a razor blade and was transported to Tennova Hospital. One week later, police say McGill used a bent spoon and a wire hanger to remove his shackles. “He had run out the door, down the steps while the corrections officer was using the restroom.”

The sheriff said inmates receiving medical treatment are to remain under supervision at all times. “I’ve been calling different sheriffs in different counties on how to handle this. Some use ankle bracelets; some make sure they are shackled to the bed.”

Sheriff Lawson said the corrections officer who was supervising McGill has been with the department for less than two years. He hopes to add more resources for those interacting with inmates. “Corrections officers are hard to keep right now. We've got to make that job a little more attractive, we got to look at their benefits across the board, We've got to get them better training.”

McGill will now face two new charges of escape and simple assault.








UPDATE: Bradley County Sheriff’s Office deputies located and captured escaped hospital inmate Keith McGill.

McGill was taken into custody without incident at a residence in East Cleveland around noon Wednesday.

Deputies worked diligently to chase down every lead. McGill will face additional charges of Assault and Felony Escape.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Bradley County Justice Center inmate was transported by corrections officers to Tennova Healthcare, 2305 Chambliss Avenue, in Cleveland, for medical treatment. 

At 9:38 PM, while at the hospital, the inmate fled from the premises. 

He is wearing an orange jumpsuit and has been identified as Keith McGill, D.O.B. 10/29/87. 

McGill is approximately 6’1”, 165lbs, brown hair, blue eyes. 

McGill’s charges include aggravated burglary and theft over $1,000. 

Any person with information on McGill’s whereabouts or sees any person matching this description is urged to call 9-1-1 immediately.