It's rare to see an app like "Share the Meal." Developed by the United Nations World Food Program, it asks people to share a meal when they sit down for a meal.

The United Nations program says it takes only 50 cents to feed a child somewhere in a 3rd world country, and asks that you simply open the app when you sit down to eat, and donate 50 cents.

There's lots of information in the Share the Meal app. It highlights the most pressing need at the moment, which is, right now, the hunger crisis in Yemen.

When you share a meal, you tap a button on the screen. and it asks if you'd like to feed a child for one day, 1 week or 3 months. Your payment is made through Apple Pay, Google Pay, a credit card or Paypal.

It's really impressive to see how people have jumped in to help. Over 28 million meals have been shared so far, by nearly 1.2 million people. With Thanksgiving here, those numbers are going up rapidly. Share the Meal explains that the money purchases vouchers in some countries where there is food, but the people cannot afford it. They'll receive vouchers for meals, feeding families and helping the area's economy. In parts of the world where there is no food, The World Food Program uses the donations to distribute food to starving people. In some cases it says, Share the Meal donations provides school meals.

According to the Share the Meal website, 90% percent of donations go directly towards fighting world hunger. Operating costs are funded by a grant and donations from philanthropists.