As his final term winds down, Senator Bob Corker is starting to reflect on his 12 years in Washington, D.C.

In an interview you'll see Only on 3, the former Chattanooga Mayor sat down with our Greg Glover to chat about a number of issues, among them: what is next.

With all of about three legislative weeks left in Washington, no topic was off limits and he answered every question as best he could. But, his next step seems to be, at this point, even a mystery to him. There are, however, three things Corker says he has already ruled out.

"I'm not going to lobby Government. I'm not going to be a government relations guy. I'm not going to run a University. I'm not going to run a think tank," Senator Corker said. "My background has been business. That's an easy thing to think about doing, but there's other opportunities, also. So, I can tell you the three that I plan not to do and that narrows the list some, but it's still a pretty big world out there and a feeling of blue sky in front of us."

Notably absent from that list of what he is not going to do is a run for the presidency in 2020. Sen. Corker said that is still a possibility.

He explained he wants to finish what he started in the Senate with no distractions. Then, he will sit down and decide if a run would make sense.