Since 2012, Raulston Acres Christmas Tree Farm has been allowing families, friends and customers to come on their farm, chop down a tree and take it home for the holiday season. It's a Christmas tradition that so many in the area look forward to.

"One of the things we pride ourselves here at Raulston Acres is trying to make this a family experience," says owner Dan Raulston. "We cater to families that would come out, maybe bring the dog on a leash and they come out and they cut the tree and they make an event of it. They stop in to get some hot apple cider and they ride they hayride and just make it a two or three hour event."

There are 6,500 hundred trees on the farm now. Back in 2008, only around 400 were planted. It's literal growth is a testament to the appreciation so many in the area have for the farm.

But in addition to trees for customers, Dan wants to provide trees for those who provide safety to all Americans by participating in the "Trees for Troops" program.

"We ask for sponsors for a Christmas tree and we take that Christmas tree, we prepare it for transportation," he explains. "They will carry that tree to a military instillation for a gift to a military family that might not otherwise have a real Christmas tree."

If you would like to find out more information about Raulston Acres trees for yourself or for a military member, click here.