UPDATE: Dalton Utilities has repaired the waterman that was broken early Monday. The lines have been tested, according to Don Johnson with the utility.

Crews will now turn their attention to repave the eastbound side of Chatsworth Highway in hopes of having those lanes open later Tuesday.

Then, crews will begin their work on the westbound side of the roadway with the goal of having those lanes opened Wednesday.

PREVIOUS STORY: An early morning water main break damaged part of Chatsworth Highway in Dalton Monday.

The north side of the highway is closed, and drivers must use an alternate route.

Don Johnson with Dalton Utilities says only a hand full of residents experienced issues from the water main break. However, drivers will have to wait a few days before Highway 52 reopens.

“The water system has been in the ground for a while,” said Don Johnson. “It's a system that his taxed every day with water pushed through there all the time putting pressure on it and failures do happen.”

This water main pipe near the intersection of Walnut Avenue and Dalton Bypass was installed in the 1960's.

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Don Johnson says this break did not impact water flow to anyone nearby.

“The good thing is that is a transmission line we don't have a whole a lot of single customer feeds coming off a bit,” said Johnson. “That line primarily goes to a water tank.”

Johnson says this line is large and even though it’s old, the pipe was inspected about five years ago.

Utility crews arrived to put in a new line within an hour after the break.

When they finish, the department of transportation will repair the road.

“An eighth of a mile maybe a little less about 3 to 4 lanes of Chatsworth Highway was damaged due to the Water Main break,” said Johnson.

In the meantime, both directions of this highway are closed.

Johnson says drivers should use a detour and avoid the area.

“If you are coming in towards Dalton detour around to Dawnville Road if you have a large vehicle,” said Johnson. “If you are in a small truck you can come on the road actually closes at Bethel Church Road.”

PREVIOUS STORY: Whitfield County Emergency Management says a water main has burst underneath Walnut Avenue and the Dalton Bypass.

Drivers should avoid the area. GDOT is rerouting traffic. 

Dalton Utilities states the main is on the north side of Chatsworth Highway and the road has been damaged. It happened early Monday morning.

Whitfield County dispatchers tell Channel 3 both directions of Highway 52 are impacted, along with the intersection of Dawnville Road heading westbound. 

Dalton Utilities says drivers should expect to avoid the area for the next few days.