The Tennessee Valley is getting ready for Turkey Day.

Students and teachers at Hickory Valley Christian School helped donate more than 80 turkeys to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank this year.

It's a relatively new tradition at Hickory Valley Christian School. Students in grades K-5 participate in the Turkey Train the week before Thanksgiving.

In partnership with the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, the school aims to benefit more than 80 families.

“It’s basically a line of kids, passing the turkeys in line to the food bank truck,” Hickory Valley Christian School Principal Emma Veys said.

According to Chattanooga Food Bank officials, 1 in 5 children in our area is food insecure, and 1 in 8 adults in our area is food insecure.

The Turkey Train introduces many Hickory Valley students to the concept of giving and volunteering.

“Well, it’s just good. I’m thankful we’re blessed, and we can have turkeys for Thanksgiving,” said seventh-grader, Jack Frazier.

With each student taking a hands-on role, the Turkey Train serves two purposes: Helping local families during the holiday season and supporting the school's mission of nurturing children with a giving heart.

Food donated to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank comes from drives like Share Your Christmas™. 

Channel 3’s 34th Annual Share Your Christmas™ food drive will be Friday, Dec. 7.

Donations will be accepted at: 

One can or a few dollars will make a major difference to the Food Bank.